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The Next SALLY Event

Hello fellow SALLY members!

December was the last time that (most of us) got together as a group to hang out! We need to do something soon...maybe in Vancouver on a weekend or something?

I know we had unofficially planned a trip to Playland in April or May with the comments in my journal, but I do say that a get together is necessary before then.

Any ideas?

"The Moody One"

Happy NON Hump Day!!

Well I'm glad that every-one is on board..... It's great that every one want's to do something.

Ok I think that we should plan for this in January, that way x-mas will be over and we'll all have a little more free time.

Just keep every one posted, and we'll be fine.

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Well Hello to all of sally.

It's been tooooooooooooooooooo long since we've all been together.

I Miss the sally crew!!

Any who, not really supose to be writing in LJ at work, but what the hell.

Hey if we want to all get together I can set up a great group rate, Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge
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What is of the upness?

Yo Sally! It's been too long. How you been, girl?


We had lots of fun with Sally back in the old days, and one of the best parts of Sally was the Sally music. You know what I'm talking about, all the classic songs (most of which came from either Susan or Jen's cds) that we played over and over and made them Sally Songs. Manahmana, King of Spain, El Capitain, Too Sexy, Save a horse ride a cowboy, etc. What exactly caused these songs to become Sally Songs? Well that depends on the song, but what they all had in common was that they were either peppy, funny, witty, just plain cool, or any of the above. The critical thing to becoming a sally song though was that they had to be listened to by at least a few of us, if not all of the Sally group. Well, with all of us being busy and some of us not living in the same city anymore, it is harder for us to get songs that are beloved by all and can work their way into the Sally Song hall of fame. So what I propose is that we do a little online sharing, and see if we can get some new Sally music, so that next time we have an awesome Sally party we have new things to rock out to that everybody likes.

How it works: Well I'm gonna start of by posting a bunch of songs that I think Sally-type peoples would like. You guys can download them, listen to them, and see if you like them too. If you do, come back here and leave a comment saying which ones you like! What else can you do? Well, go through your music files, and see if there is anything you think is Sallyish, and then post it here, in a new entry or on this one, whichever! Funny, funky, rockish, dancy, country, whatever you want to post, although I would probably stay away from depressing songs. And also throw in songs you have already shared with other Sally members, but not the whole group yet. I'm all the way out here in Van, I want to hear some of the stuff you guys listen to when you get together back in the 'Whack.

Sallyish songs!Collapse )

If anyone has the Aaron Pritchet song, "Hold My Beer (while I kiss your girlfriend)", that would be really cool. So, get listening and get commenting, then post some of your favourite songs!
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"Hi. You've reached the Sally journal. We're all out at the moment. Very out. In terms of out, we are as the population of the planet Magrathea. But don't let that stop you from leaving a message." BEEP!

Well, uh... hey, Sally journal, what's up? Long time no post. Well, I just wanted to stop by -- I was thinking about goat heads today and it reminded me of you. You know how it is. Anyway, hope you're doing well, and, uh... talk to you later. Bye.

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Y'all rock my world like chairs.

Because here we are at the end of the world school year, and damned if we aren't all miraculously the closest of friends. I have never loved you guys more than today, and I'll admit to some sentimental instability on my part, but the fact remains: this is it, guys. This is us.

This journal hasn't been added to in over a year. Look at it; look around; look at us. This is how far we've come. And there, far away, so far away that it's a speck of infinity in a wide sea of the brilliant unknown - that's how far we're going.

This is us, Sally.

This is forever.

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Cancer Fundraiser

Cancer Fundraiser....

June 13, 2004 - 9am-2pm (helpers please come at 8:45am)
Willard Edwards & Co. (Corner of Airport road and Yale Road)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Hot Dogs, Face Painting, Car Wash, Garage Sale

We need MORE PEOPLE to help out. Jobs aren't certain yet, but mostly car washers are needed, possible taking money at garage sale tables if we don't have enough people for that already. All proceeds are going to cancer and there'll be lots of fun stuff so come and help and/or send your families!

I've raised $1700 so far so I need another $300 or more to be able to walk at the end of August. Please help me on my quest to end cancer!
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We should all go see Sherk 2 together..... At the end of the school year we can prolly all come up to the lake and go swimming, and hangout or something like that... Lol!

Does anyone know the HTML coding for posting links?